Traditional Dinner (Thanksgiving)


This fully prepared meal includes half of a 16lb. fresh turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, roasted vegetable medley, gravy, cranberry sauce and eight dinner rolls. This will comfortably feed 6-8 persons.

The birds (along with all of the vegetables) are from our partners at Fisher Hill Farms. There are no finer birds available. Our team of enthusiastic chefs will prepare your turkey dinner in a fashion you’ve likely not experienced.

The bird is brined, deboned and prepared sous vide. This is the most precise method to ensure the white and dark meats are cooked to the absolute perfect level of doneness.

The breast is “airline” style indicating the presence of the drumette portion of the wing. The breast is seasoned and seared then packaged under vacuum along with a melange of herbs and other aromatics. The breast, sealed in a very special bag, will be cooked in a simmering water bath for several hours to a precise temperature ensuring all of the juices and flavors are retained.

The leg and thigh will be deboned and all tendons removed. The boneless leg quarter is seasoned and formed into a roulade then vacuum packaged. This compact creation is cooked to perfection in a simmering water bath for 12 hours resulting in a succulent, boneless roll of dark meat which is easily sliced and served. Enjoying the drumstick and thigh in this fashion is truly a game changer.