New Options for Pick Up and Home Delivery

On Line Ordering

We've all witnessed food shortages at the grocery store and we know how frustrating this is. We're working on responsible solutions at Flour City Bread. In conjunction with Fisher Hill Farm, Seven Bridges Farm, and Pittsford Farms Dairy we will be offering a program to provide some staple food items.

Later this week we will have an on-line store available to order bread, milk, produce, ground beef and eggs. The program will include curbside pick-up at the bakery and a home delivery option.

In the meantime the Public Market is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The market is noticeably quieter these days and often times parking is available nearby. You're likely able to pop in and out of the shop very quickly. We've removed the seating from the store and are encouraging folks to grab their goods and get back home.

When this ends we look forward to hanging out with our market family.

Please text or email any questions.

(585) 975-9354